A-Z Games

Here is a list of all the drinking games you will ever need! 


Beer Pong

The King of Drinking Games, throw the ping pong ball into the oppositions cup to make them drink!


A simple quirky game, when addressing your drinking peers simply add Bob before their name.


Line up four cups labeled 1-4, bounce your coin into each cup, and the opposing team must have as many shots as the cup indicates.


A card game, how well can you cheat. The aim is to get rid of all your cards and avoid being called out for your lies to avoid drinking consequences.


A very popular game in the drinking world, to win the game you must have ping pong ball bouncing skills, cup flipping skills, and finally, the skill to be able to down a drink!

Civil War

A fast paced beer pong, with more cups and more competition.

Coin bounce

The coin bouncing drinking game! A game of high intensity and competition, bounce the coin into a cup faster than your drinking buddies or face the dirty pint.

Cup Stack

High-intensity fast-paced drinking game, bounce the ball into the cup, and screw over your opponents by stacking your cup onto theirs


Have you got a dartboard and some drinks? Let's play drinking darts.

Dirty Pint

This one is pretty straight forward, we all know what a dirty pint is, so maybe avoid playing unless you can handle your drink.

Drink While You Think

Can you think while you drink...

Drinking Chess

Is regular chess too easy? Maybe drinking chess is for you.

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