Wizard Staff

Minimum Players:


Challenge your friends to become the great White Wizard! Channel all your drunken power into your wizards staff and duel your opponent!!

What you'll need:
- 10 beer cans per player
- Tape

How to Play:

Time for a real challenge!

1. Down your 1st and 2nd can
2. tape those cans together
3. repeat until you can't go on or you get to a stack of 10 cans
4. If no players get to 10 cans the player with the greatest staff wins!
5. if a player has a 10 can staff they are the White Wizard. There can only be one White Wizard, if more than one player gets to a 10 can Staff they must duel till a staff is broken!
6. The winner claims the title of White Wizard and the eternal respect of the other players.

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Drunken Scholar by J&J Productions Limited.   

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