The Drunken Scholar Presents;

Drink While You Think

Minimum Players:


Can you think while you drink...

What you'll need:
- Your brilliant minds
- Some drinks

How to play:

Based on naming famous people. A player starts by naming a famous person, for example, 'Borris Jonhson', the next player must name someone whose name begins with the first letter of the second name 'J', but of course to make it easier while he's/she's thinking he/she must be drinking.

If a celebrity with one name i.e 'Drake' is used the next player must name a celebrity beginning with the second letter 'R'.

The game can be as simple as that, however, to add in a few more rules the direction can be reversed if either a celebrity whose first and last name both begins with the same letters or a celebrity who goes by one name is used.

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Drink While You Think. A Fun Drinking Game for 4 or more players.

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