Minimum Players:


A very popular game in the drinking world, to win the game you must have ping pong ball bouncing skills, cup flipping skills, and finally, the skill to be able to down a drink!

What you'll need:
- Some alcohol
- A ping pong ball
- One cup per person plus one extra.

How to play:

1. Each player half fills their cup with beer.
2. Try to stand around the table evenly distanced (circular tables work best)
3. Place a cup in the middle of the table to which each player adds a little of their drink.
4. The game begins when the first person bounces the ping pong ball of the table while aiming for someone's cup, if the ball lands in your cup you are out, after you have drunk your drink of course.
5. If someone gets their cup in the middle cup, everyone must race to drink their drink and then place their cup upside down on the edge of the table and flip it upright back onto the table. The last player to finish this task must drink the contents of the middle cup. All players then refill their cup and again add to the cup in the middle, and begin the game again.
6. The final player left in the game is the winner.

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