The Drunken Scholar Presents

Spin The Bottle

Minimum Players:


Spin the bottle drinking addition, will the bottle choose you to drink. This game can be an easy quick game for pre drinks.

What you'll need:
- Empty bottle for the middle
- A full drink each
- Enough players to make a circle

How to play:

Sit in a circle around the empty bottle, to start the game just spin the bottle, whoever the bottleneck points to must drink.

The amount needed to be drunk can be decided between the players at the beginning of the game. If your drink is empty pause to get a refill and continue the game.

There is no official end to this game so you can play for as long as you

Drinking Game.png

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Spin The Bottle. A Fun Drinking Game for 4 or more players.

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