The Drunken Scholar Presents

Shots & Ladders

Minimum Players:


Flip your cup to avoid drinking the shot, a game for two players.

What you'll need:
- Two cups
- Some markers for the ladder (you can use pens/cutlery/sticks)
- A shot glass
- A spirit.

How to play:

Stand on the opposite side of the table to your drinking buddy. Fill up a shot glass, use an even number of forks/pens/bbq sticks or anything else you think will work to lay on the table, arrange them parallel to crate the 'ladder'.

Place your shot glass in the middle of the ladder and begin flipping your cup. Place your cup upright half on the table and use your finger to flip it to land upsidedown on the table, if you succeed you can move the shot glass one position closer to your opposing player. Once the shot glass is no longer in the ladder the player whos side it is on must drink the shot.

To add more alcohol to this game you can fill the cup with beer first which each player must drink before beginning to flip the cup.

Drinking Game.png

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Shots & Ladders. A Fun Drinking Game for 2 or more players.

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