The Drunken Scholar Presents

Ring Of Fire

Minimum Players:


A classic drinking game, easy to pick up and anyone can play.

What you'll need:
- A pack of cards

How to play:

To set the game up, spread out the deck of cards face down in an even circle around a pint sized glass (and make sure there are no gaps between the cards).

Players all gather around the cards. Players must take it in turns to take a card from the middle, if they break the circle they must drink. Each card has a different rule associated with it.

The rules are as follows;
Ace - Waterfall: The player who chooses the card starts drinking, followed by every other player. You may only stop drinking when the player to your left has decided to stop, starting with the player who picked the card.
2 - You: Pick another player to drink.
3 - Me: The player who picked this card must drink.
4 - Whores: All girls must drink.
5 - Thumb master: The person with the card may place their thumb on the table at any time during the game, each player must do the same when they notice the first player has done so. The last person to notice and put their thumb down has to drink, this power of the thumb master lasts until the next 5 is drawn.
6 - Dicks: All guys drink.
7 - Heaven: The person who picked this card may raise their hand at any time during the game each player must do the same and the last person to do so has to drink, this lasts until the next 7 is picked, and the new heaven master is assigned.
8 - Mate: Pick another player who has to drink every time you do.
9 - Rhyme: Say a word and go around the circle rhyming with that word, whoever hesitates or can't think of a rhyming word has to drink.
10 - Categories: say a word from that category and go round the circle, whoever hesitates or can't think of a word associated with that category has to drink.
Jack - Rule: Make a new rule for the game, each rule for each jack pulled from the pack remains a part of the game.
Queen - Question Master (QM): Player to pick this card becomes the Question master until the next queen is drawn. The QM can ask any player a question and if the player answers they have to drink, if they answer with "Fuck you question master" then the QM themselves has to drink.
King - King's Cup: Add some of your drink to the center glass, the player who draws the last king must drink the contents of the dirty pint (the center glass).

The game can end either when the last king has been drawn and the dirty pint has been drunk, or when all the cards have been picked.

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The Drunken Scholar Presents; Ring Of Fire. A Fun Drinking Game for 4 or more players.

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