The Drunken Scholar Presents

Never Have I Ever

Minimum Players:


A classic way to break the ice, expose the elephant in the room or spill your secrets...

What you'll need;
- A group of people willing to expose their friends
- Lots of drinks.

How to play:

Gather round your group of drinking buddies, any player begins the game by saying something they have never done, for example 'never have I ever been arrested'.

Any player that has done this must take a sip of their drink. Players take it in turns to say something they have never done. Be as creative as you like with your ideas, and no 'never have I ever' statement is too far.

There are no winners or losers so you can play until your heart's content.

Drinking Game.png

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Never Have I Ever. A Fun Drinking Game for 4 or more players.

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What you'll need:
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- Your drinking buddies.

Players: 4