The Drunken Scholar Presents

Flunky Ball

Minimum Players:


An outdoors drinking game, played with a medium sized group of people, involving a lot of beer and a football.

What you'll need:
- An outdoors space
- A football
- Minimum 5 people
- A lot of beer

How to play:

1. Choose someone to become a referee (not necessary but a good idea)
2. The remaining players split up into two teams.
3. Divide your space into two sections and mark the middle.
4. Place one or more bottles of water along the centre line.
5. Both teams face each other roughly 5 meters from the center line, and place their full beer near them.
6. Flip a coin to decide which team starts.
7. The starting team begins by kicking their ball and aiming to knock down a bottle, if they succeed they must all quicky pick up their beers and drink until the opposing team has retrieved the ball and put the bottle upright again. If you miss the other team gets to take their turn.
8. The first team to finish all their beers wins.

Drinking Game.png

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Flunky Ball. A Fun Drinking Game for 10 or more players.

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