The Drunken Scholar Presents


Minimum Players:


Fingers on the bowl, guess right to win!

What you'll need:
- One bowl/cup
- Alcoholic beverages.

How to play:

Each player must pour some drink or a shot into the bowl in the middle.

All the players put one or two fingers on the bowl. On your turn say how many fingers will be on the bowl at the end of the countdown, at the end of the countdown players chose to keep their fingers on the bowl or lift it off.

If you get it right, you are out, and safe from the contents of the bowl! the last player remaining drinks the bowl. The game can be a simple as this.

However, if you wanted to add an extra rule, any player to be caught celebrating their win they will be back in the game, and again up for the chance of having to drink the bowl.

Drinking Game.png

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Fingers. A Fun Drinking Game for 3 or more players.

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What you'll need:
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- A table, lots of beer.

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