The Drunken Scholar Presents

Civil War

Minimum Players:


A fast paced beer pong, with more cups and more competition.

What you'll need:
- Max 40 cups and min 18 cups
- 4 ping pong balls
- A LOT of beer!

How to play:

1. Get into two teams of three and face each other from across the table.
2. Each player must line up their cups in front of them, either a triangle of 3 or a triangle of 6.
3. The game begins when the first player begins shooting their ball into any cup from the opposing team. there are no turns so during this very fast-paced game watch out for cheats (no elbows over the table, drink before you shoot etc.)
4. The winning team are of course the first team to make all of the opposing cups.

Drinking Game.png

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Civil War. A Fun Drinking Game for 6 or more players.

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The coin bouncing drinking game! A game of high intensity and competition, bounce the coin into a cup faster than your drinking buddies or face the dirty pint.

What you'll need:
- One coin per team of two
- A cup for each player plus one for the middle
- Some alcohol of course.

Players: 2