The Drunken Scholar Presents


Minimum Players:


A card game based on how well you can cheat! The aim is to get rid of all your cards and avoid being called out for your lies to avoid drinking consequences.

What you'll need:
- A deck of cards
- A drink of your choosing

How to play:

The dealer must deal out all the cards evenly to all players. The person to the left of the dealer begins. He/she must lay or pretend to lay 1-4 Aces face down in the middle. The next player must lay or pretend to lay 1-4 Kings and so forth until the game gets to Twos, at which point the game starts again with Aces.

Any player is free to call bullshit if they suspect a player is cheating, if correct the cheat must drink, however, if the player to call bullshit is wrong they must now drink.

Finally, when the first player gets rid of all their cards the game ends and everyone else must finish their drinks.

Drinking Game.png

The Drunken Scholar Presents; Bullshit. A Fun Drinking Game for 2 or more players.

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