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The Drunken Scholar | Drinking Games

The UK's largest collection of drinking games with an exclusive clothing line and exciting product range.

The Drunken Scholar is The UK’s biggest collection of drinking games. All our games have an easy how to play guide on each page. Along with the minimum players required and what you will need to play.  Our current and ever growing collection of games are in alphabetical order; 


A: Around The World, Attached At The Hip.

B: Beer Pong, Bob, Bounce, Bullshit.

C: Celebrity, Chandelier, Civil War, Coin bounce, Cup Stack, Cup Swap.

D: Darts, Dirty Pint, Drink While You Think, Drinking Chess, Drinking Jenga, Drunk Relationship History, Drunken Artists.

F:Fingers, Flip Cup, Flunky Ball, Friends And Enemies, Fuck the dealer, Fuzzy Duck.

H: Horse Race.

I: Irish Snap,  I’m Going To The Bar.

K: Knife, Cup & Cling Film.

L: Lets Make Eye Contact.

M: Medusa, Most Likely To, Mr & Mrs.

N: Never Have I Ever

P: Paranoia

Q: Quarters

R:Ride The Bus, Ring Of Fire.

S: Shots & Ladders, Sip Sip Shot, Sixes, Slip It In, Spin The Bottle, Squares, Straight Face.

T: Thumper, Tic Tac Toe, True Or False Storytime, Twenty One.

W:  Where's The Water, Wizard Staff and Would You Rather?

This ever growing collection of drinking games will be the answer to your endless search for games to play with friends. Stopping you from needing to play the same old games time and time again. With our great search functions you can now find the most suitable game for you and your friends.